Master Vehicle Lease Fleet Funding Program

In February of 2016, North Coast Capital Corporation funded a fifth service truck as part of an ongoing $200,000 master vehicle lease funding program to upgrade the fleet of a fast growing electrical contractor. 

Capital Equipment Lease

In March of 2015, North Coast Capital Corporation provided $70,000 of financing for an LED lighting project that included both indoor and outdoor parking lot systems along with signage for a prominent automobile dealership.

Manufacturer Demonstration, Rental Inventory and Equipment Lease Funding Program

In March of 2014, North Coast Capital Corporation closed a warehouse credit facility to fund demonstration and rental equipment for an advanced technology manufacturer of industrial laser metrology equipment.   The first funding was for $860,000 of demonstration and rental equipment deployed worldwide.   The program also provides ongoing lease financing options for industrial end users of the equipment.

Master Vehicle Lease

In September of 2013 North Coast Capital Corporation entered into a master vehicle lease for two new shuttle buses valued at $140,000 for a casino related transportation service.

Manufacturer Equipment Funding Program

In September of 2013 North Coast Capital Corporation entered into a Program Agreement to fund electronic signs and billboards for a leading manufacturer of electronic and electro-mechanical products. The first transaction funded was $115,000 for an electronic billboard located at a major metropolitan convention center.

Equipment Lease Placement Services

In May of 2013 North Coast Capital Corporation arranged a $5 million line of credit to fund School Bus Fleet Purchases for a National Transportation Services Company.

Equipment Leasing Company Services

In May of 2011 North Coast Capital Corporation signed a lease services contract to help manage $3.5 million of rail assets. In November of 2011, an additional management contract was executed to provide lease accounting and portfolio servicing.

National Equipment Leasing and Financing Company Acquisition

In December 2010 North Coast Capital Corporation acquired the lease portfolio interests of a National Equipment Leasing and Financing Company with a $500,000 non-recourse purchase of equipment and vehicle assets providing ongoing servicing in the name of the seller.

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