Equipment Leasing Benefits

  • Conserve Cash – Leasing does not require the cash outlay to purchase and leases often start with little or no money down following a pay as you use approach.
  • Longer Terms with Lower Payments – lease Terms can be customized to seasonal cash flow and are flexible up to 60 months and longer when matched to useful equipment life.
  • 100% Financing – Soft costs for installation, training and pass through maintenance can be added to the equipment cost for a lease.
  • Equipment Upgrades – Periodically equipment can be evaluated and upgraded as necessary reducing the cost of obsolescence and keeping up with advanced technology.
  • Tax Advantages – As an expense, lease payments may reduce tax liability.
  • Inflation Hedge – Fixed cost lease payments lock in the expense of tomorrow's equipment use at today's value of money.
  • Simple Documentation – Leasing is simple and fast with minimal paperwork involved.
  • Purchase Options – At the end of a lease equipment can be purchased for an agreed upon price or returned.