Commercial Lease Application

North Coast Capital Corporation is a direct funding  source that offers commercial financing for both new and used equipment.  Explore lease terms and payments using Navigator.  The company offers competitive financing rates and transaction structures utilizing commercial leases customized to suit the needs of each individual business. Each new credit application is considered for up to $75,000 of credit on an application only basis. Higher dollar requests and other business factors may require financial statements or tax returns to complete the credit review.  All transactions are processed in a timely, fair, and efficient manner with many decisions turned around in minutes the same day and documents that follow the next day. 

Commercial credit application criteria reviewed include time in business, bank references, trade references, personal guarantor credit history, business experience, business financial strength, business cash flow indicators, equipment value, and intended use. Complete applications provide the best possible result for the customer. The credit underwriting process includes input from credit management, asset management and customer interests represented by marketing that lead to reasonable, effective transaction structures that look to fairly and competitively meet the needs of each customer. North Coast Capital Corporation works with Vendors to design and create sensible finance programs that help streamline the sales and credit process.

adobe_viewer.jpgNOTE: Our editable PDF format application may be printed and filled out by hand or typed upon and printed for signature and returned by e-mail or fax. To insure compatibility, please install the latest Adobe Reader by clicking the Adobe Reader Icon.