Commercial Vehicle and Equipment Manufacturers, Dealers and Vendors

North Coast Capital Corporation holds experience that has funded over $1 billion of equipment and vehicles serving national manufacturers, dealers and vendor programs.   The company offers third party leasing and installment loan options to competitively meet customer’s equipment funding needs at the point of sale. The company will work closely with sellers of vehicles and equipment to design and implement finance programs that work.

We have standard programs that generally offer competitive rates and terms for the types of equipment listed on our Markets page.   We are also open to explore financing new technology.  The company will customize programs to address unique selling dynamics to help promote sales in ways that are attractive to both buyers and sellers.  For instance some equipment may require special handling when it is built to specification or delivered over time.  In such instances a Progress Payment Agreement might be utilized to prefund equipment to facilitate the sale.  Transactions generally range from $5,000 to $500,000; however, the firm is capable of advancing millions of dollars to complete larger projects.

Take advantage of our market experience to help provide your sales team with more options to make purchasing equipment attractive to your clients. Customers understand the benefit of new equipment better when they can relate it to a monthly payment.  We provide advice for management and sales teams at every level to assist in the use of our financial products.  Please contact us by e-mail or phone to speak to a representative to get started. The above VENDOR PROFILE form is helpful for us to process your request to partner with our company.

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