North Coast Capital Corporation offers equipment finance rates that are competitive and affordable. Quality equipment lease and finance structures are determined by factors related to equipment value, asset life, usage rate, industry and credit standards.

For transactions under $100,000, generate an AUTOMATED EQUIPMENT LEASE QUOTE to help guide your financing request. An automated quote provides the average customer with a target range of payments for various lease structures. It is not a commitment for a final approved lease rate and structure.  Upon review, each transaction will be fine-tuned and adjusted with competitive terms.

See our MARKET INTEREST RATES page for useful knowledge and tools. Please contact us as needed for larger dollar quotes or to discuss highly competitive rates and structures.

Equipment leases customarily require one or two payments in advance and are structured with Purchase Options that include but are not limited to; One Dollar, Fixed Price and Fair Market Value residuals.  Lease structures can provide important advantages when considering tax strategy, financial statement implications and overall business objectives. Alternatively, the company is also able to provide traditional installment loan financing.

North Coast Capital Corporation will provide you with equipment finance advice regarding a lease versus a buy decision and the related questions that you may want to ask your accountant or tax advisor as you plan the growth of your business.

Please contact us by e-mail or phone to speak to a representative as needed.  We will formalize an equipment quote and answer questions regarding your equipment financing application.