Equipment Finance Services

North Coast Capital Corporation provides commercial financial services directly to end users of equipment, through national manufacturers, vendors, dealers and intermediaries with creative programs that utilize the following instruments.

  • Notes and Security Agreements
  • True Tax Leases (Fair Market Value)
  • Finance Leases / Conditional Sales Contracts / $1 Purchase Options
  • Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause (“TRAC”) Leases
  • Open-End and Closed- End Leases
  • Progress Payment Agreements
  • Flexible Terms and Payment Schedules
  • Manufacturer and Dealer Participations

Many business owners find important growth and profitability through the use of new equipment.  Equipment leasing and financing can deliver unique value by generating revenue or saving money in relation to a low fixed payment for the use of equipment.  Both large and small companies find that through the power of leasing they avoid debt, conserve working capital and gain tax advantages. See Equipment Leasing Benefits .